Reclaimed Oak Table Tops

and Reclaimed Look Table Tops

Our reclaimed oak table tops and reclaimed/ industrial look table tops are produced to bespoke sizes. Reclaimed oak goes through many processes before we start producing table tops, which usually means a longer lead time (around 6 - 8 weeks). You can also achieve the reclaimed look using standard not reclaimed timber, for example character oak in a driftwood or charred finish. To see available colour finishes see our Wood Finishes page or we can match the colour to your sample.

Reclaimed Oak Table Tops


Reclaimed oak table tops are very popular with our customers as they really do look stunning, however what you need to remember is that lead time can be 6-8 weeks. All our reclaimed table tops can be produced to bespoke size of up to 3000 mm long.  

600 mm Dia Reclaimed Oak Table Top

Reclaimed Oak Square Table Top

Reclaimed Character Oak Floor Board Table Top

Reclaimed/ Industrial Look Table Tops

For those of you who love the reclaimed table tops, but are not able  to wait 6 - 8 weeks, you can obtain a similar look with a shorter lead time using character oak, finished in clear lacquer or to add more character we can either finish the table top in a rustic driftwood colour, or for even more dramatic, on-trend look why not try the charred finish. 


Character Oak Table Tops


Charred Character Oak Table Top

Lightly Charred Character Oak Table Top